FaST is a complete facility scheduling system. This software is designed to enhance the use of facilities. It enables the Facility Manager to make the most of his/her resources while encouraging the practice of sound fundamental management techniques, including: documentation, planning, scheduling, communication, follow-up and analysis. The program is "user friendly" so persons with only minimal computer experience or training can operate the system (plus we provide initial on-site training). No pre-loading of data is required, and there are many features to speed entry of data. And, of course, there is complete documentation available via the Help menus and our "real person" telephone support.

FaST is used by the Facility Manager to: (1) document, plan, schedule and monitor all facility usage, (2) to organize the flow of information, (3) provide printed (and e-mailed) facility requests, (4) coordinate all ancillary support requirements and charges, and (5) produce management reports relating to facility usage, guest history, revenue data, and other management information.

FaST does more than merely assist with the mechanics of managing your facilities. You can confidently manage all of your facilities, insure that adequate resources are notified and are available, as well as track post-usage of the facility. No more scheduling conflicts, and no more "unapproved" facility usage. Access pre-determined room set-up instructions, plus you may add custom instructions as well.

Effective management of facilities translates into longer lasting, cleaner, safer, more sanitary buildings at reduced cost. FaST is an extremely practical, affordable software solution that enhances your ability to manager your facility scheduling, and is another tool that let's you work smarter, not harder.